JLAB Pitch Perfect: Part 2

24th September 2018

JLAB Pitch Perfect: Part 2

Last  week we announced the first five out of ten businesses that have been invited to pitch their innovative concepts on helping to reduce plastic waste on 27 September. With only four days to go till pitch day here are the final five:

The audience listen to a presentation at our Pitch Day in June






Repack’s waste reducing courier bag

Original Repack has created a reusable packaging service that will save the world from trash. Based in Finland, Repack manufactures courier bags, which last at least 20 times longer than regular courier and delivery bags. Repack delivers the bags to their supplier or retailer who post their products to customers in Repack’s bags. The customers then sends the bag back via post or local depot (free of charge). For every Repack return, there is a reward or incentive attached. Sign us up!


Clariter specialise in chemical recycling

Clariter is a recycling business that converts plastic waste materials into high-grade chemical liquids. This feedstock is then turned into pure materials such as oils, waxes and solvents [for industrial applications and retail products]. Clariter products are environmentally friendly, cutting waste and greenhouse gases.


Reusable cups from CupClub’s service

CupClub, is cracking down on plastic waste as they provide reusable cups as a service. RFID labelled cups are delivered to businesses or stores the cup is then used and dropped off at the ‘used cup points’. From here, CupClub will collect, wash and return the cups. Incentives are given to those who return, but remember these cups are tracked, so Cupclub always knows which cups are in circulation. One plastic-reducing circle of sustainability.


Fishy Filaments: From end of life fishing equipment

Taking end-of-life discarded fishing nets, Fishy Filaments, find abandoned fishing equipment from their home shores in Cornwall and recycle them into commercially viable products. Mainly using 3D printing, this business transforms fishing equipment into beautiful household objects, such as vases, pots and bowls.


Replenish produce various colour and size bottles

Replenish, are the first fully customisable packaging platform for liquid concentrates. Ever been amazed at the level of plastic used in your bathroom and kitchen? From washing detergent to hand wash to glass cleaner and more, Replenish offers it all in an environmental friendly way through reusable bottle and concentrate refill pods which reduce plastic, energy and pollution by 80-90%, while conserving natural resources.


The JLAB team are counting down the days until we hear more from these innovative businesses as they reveal key solutions which could help John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners reduce the impact of plastic waste.