JLAB Pitch Perfect: Part 1

14th September 2018

JLAB Pitch Perfect: Part 1

JLAB’s second theme is focused on reducing plastic waste and has attracted many innovative businesses, from start-ups to scale-ups to larger companies. On 5 August, applications closed after more than 100 applications. From here JLAB sat down with key stakeholders from John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners and reviewed a proportion of these disruptive concepts. Following this some great companies were introduced straight to other departments within the company and the rest were shortlisted down to 10.

Pitch day venue: Fora, Borough

On Thursday 27 September at Fora in Borough, London, these 10 businesses will pitch their impressive ideas to a large audience, and a judging panel of senior decision-makers who will decide which businesses to take forward.

Keen to find out who’s pitching on 27 September? If so, check-out the startups that might boom within the John Lewis Partnership.


Cuantec use shellfish to produce plastic alternatives

Cuantec is a company based in Scotland who takes food waste from the fishery processors and turns this into compostable antimicrobial food packaging, especially fish,  that extends shelf life of fresh food. An all-in-one solution: less plastic pollution, less landfill, less food waste and less economic loss.


Ooho! Water capsule by Skipping Rocks Lab

Skipping Rocks Lab develops biodegradable pod-like packaging, made from alginate and other natural materials. Their products can be found to contain water, condiments and other flavoured liquids. They are gaining traction very quickly and are now partnering with Lucozade, Just Eat and also sell in Selfridges. Have you tried it already?


Beeswax wrap

The two Cotswolds’ co-founders of the start-up Beeswax Wraps, create re-usable, biodegradable covers to replace cling film and foil at home. Made from local beeswax, the wraps warm from the human touch and thus become flexible. Simply wrap it around your food to keep it nice and fresh.



Pinatex purse made from pineapple

A new material making “waves in fashion”, Ananas Anam, is disrupting the £32bn leather market. They are the developers and producers of “Pinatex”, a sustainable and natural alternative to leather made up of pineapple leaf fibres. This vegan, unique material can be used to create bags, shoes and other fashion accessories for the likes of Hugo Boss, LVMH, Cos, Heal’s, Calvin Klein, Puma, and more.



Paptic bags made from wood fibre

Paptic, a company based in Finland, specialises in creating wood based packaging materials that replaces paper and plastic – amongst their portfolio of products comes the carrier bag, recyclable, lightweight, durable and of course renewable. Galeries Lafayette is a fan, will you be one?

JLAB wishes these companies all the luck in their initial journey to potentially collaborate with the John Lewis Partnership.

Stay tuned for JLAB Pitch Perfect – part 2, to see the second batch of businesses who are going to pitch on 27 September 2018.