Digital Bridge

DigitalBridge is a Computer Vision and Deep Learning company solving the problem of the Imagination Gap; an inability to imagine what new home furnishings and decorations look like in a user’s own room.

They have built a platform that allows a user to take a picture of their room with their phone/tablet and automatically recognise the walls, floors, ceilings, objects and lighting conditions in those rooms. They then allow the user to render wallpapers, carpets, paints, artwork and furniture in that room.

Link Big

Link Big is a fully automatic tool for brands on Instagram, enabling them to sell products directly from their profile, effortlessly. Right now brands can only have one link in their Instagram bio – leading followers to their homepage and causing high friction. Link Big’s smart bio-link solves that – by leading each follower exactly to the item they just saw,liked and want to reach. 

Ding Labs 

Ding® is a connected product startup. Their Smart Doorbell allows you to talk with the person at your door from wherever you are in the world. The Smart Doorbell is made up of two parts, the first is a subtle doorbell button that sits near your door, the second is an elegant doorbell chime that sits in the home. The chime alerts you wherever you may be in your home and also extends this alert to your phone  allowing you to talk with the person at your front door from wherever you are in the world.


Robotical make Marty –  a fully programmable, wifi­enabled, walking robot that feature expressive eyes with moving eyebrows.

Designed to be usable from the later stages of primary school right through to university level,he’s an engaging way to learn about all aspects of robotics, including programming, mechanical engineering, electronics and sensors, and more. All his parts can be 3D printed, and users will be encouraged to modify the designs, and share what they make with each other through the RoboticalApp Store. Robotical will sell kits, add­ons and upgrades, run the Robotical App Store, and eventually provide 3D printing as a service.

Wedding Planner is a transparent, easy-to-use, online wedding planning platform which combines technology, experience and inspiration to save couples time and stress. They are a helping hand for couples who are excited for and trying to plan their weddings but who need advice, guidance and support.

With over 1,000 registered suppliers across 20+ categories, is the only wedding site where couples can view suppliers’ prices and availability along with reviews and smart recommendations. Wedding Planner provides free planning tools alongside integrated supplier recommendations and inspiration to help couples plan their dream weddings.




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